Hair Colour at Smith & Cullen

Hair colour is something that we all adore at Smith & Cullen; whether it’s creating a subtle hue or soft shimmering hi-lights.

Equally, if it’s a bold statement shade and head turning placement you’re after, we are the salon for you!


Colour can really give you a lift, make you feel good and can also repair your hair’s structure, at the same time giving you lustrous, glossy, gleaming hair.

With a myriad of shades and techniques possible and available at Smith & Cullen, we can create your personal colour story that evolves with you, your lifestyle, and the seasons.

To discuss your colour and to complete a skin test, just call the salon to book a consultation.


Some simple ways that colour can enhance your hair

There are many ways that colour can enhance your hair, the colour, the shine and the hair’s actual structure.


Never coloured your hair before…

There are many ways to subtly colour or enhance your hair with colour if you have never coloured your hair before.

A great way to start is by adding a SURFACE GLAZE to your hair. This is exactly what it sounds like. A surface glaze doesn’t penetrate the hair’s cortex at all. A surface glaze is often non-chemical and sits on the surface of the hair, sealing the cuticle and reflecting light. This gives the ultimate shine, gloss and luminosity to your hair.

A surface colour can be a shampoo, a conditioner or treatment glaze with colour shine, lasting 6-8 shampoos.  It can also be a toner to enhance or eliminate unwanted brassy tones on blonde hair.

Festival /crazy colours can also be great fun; semi-permanent surface colour whilst making your hair look and feel the healthiest and shiniest it has ever felt.


The next step… semi- permanent colour

The next step on the colour ladder is a semi-permanent colour. This will do a little bit more and last a little bit longer.

A semi-permanent colour will penetrate the hair a little bit further sitting just under the hair cuticle and sealing down the surface layer providing ultimate shine.

With a semi -permanent colour you can blend and cover the first signs of grey, gradually fading over the next 6-8 weeks every time you wash your hair. (How much depends on what you use and how often you wash your hair).

A semi-permanent colour is also a great way to try a new tone on your own depth level for a few weeks without the full- time commitment of roots/re-growth.


Balayage or halo of micro-highlights

Another great way to add some colour without too much commitment is a balayage or halo of micro-highlights. Both of these techniques give a soft graduated colour effect, with micro fine highlights framing the face and exterior of your hairstyle delicately being revealed when your hair is tied up. These techniques also essentially leave the parting/top area free of colour so that there is minimal grow out

Both techniques can be done in many ways and varying amounts of visual colour seen from a gentle sun kissed look, right the way through all the brights and pastels for those wanting to make more of a statement.

All the standard colour services such as tinting, highlighting, full head bleach and tone, or a complete colour change are all favourites of the salon and we love to colour your hair to complete your look. Just call the salon to book a colour consultation and a skin test or ask your stylist any questions you may have next time you are in the salon having your haircut.