Hair Extensions & Added Hair

Hair extensions have always been just another string to our bow at Smith & Cullen. Adding hair can often be the answer where your current hair style, length or texture gets in the way of your heart’s desire, hair-wise!

Fringe frustrations

Bored with growing your fringe out?  Why not speed up the process with just 10-25 hair extensions?

Need a bit more weight or texture to your bob? 

Just 10 extensions each side can really add swing to that shape!

Want thicker fuller hair?

We cut our hair to look thicker, we colour our hair to look thicker and we even shampoo to make our hair thicker!  Just 20-50 hair extensions can really enhance your hairstyle, giving you fuller thicker hair and thicken the baseline on medium and longer length hair to create movement, texture and longer hold.

Colouring without chemicals

Sometimes there are just boundaries when it comes to chemically colouring your hair.   This is for a number of reasons, including texture and pigment of hair or maybe a total mismatch with your complexion,  No matter how strong your desire for is for it or the talent and skills of your colour technician are the answer is just has to be no! T Hair extensions can be an amazing tool in your hairdresser’s box.

Colouring without commitment

Fancy trying highlights, lowlights or even something bright? 10-20 extensions can be a great way to try a new colour for the day, week month or season as they generally can last up to 3-4 months,

Hair-up, weddings and event hair

Adding extra hair for your special day or event, is very simple to do and cost-effective way to give you exactly the look you want in a heartbeat. There are many ways to achieve any look 👀!

At Smith & Cullen we can even give you amazing festival hair pin-in or semi-permanent in any colour or texture imaginable …. Dreads, twists, braids… the list is endless!

Full head lengthening

Lengthening your hair is something that needs to be done well. With all of our lengthening services each and every client is consulted by Jason first, at Smith & Cullen. With over 30 years-experience with all systems and applications you can discuss all the different options available to you, to suit all different budgets, but most importantly what are the best options to suit your hair, the hairstyle you want and also your lifestyle .

To book a 30-minute consultation for lengthening where all your questions can be answered and hair colour matched, please call for an appointment. A small charge of £35 for the consultation is charged. This will be reimbursed from your final bill.

Wigs, hairpieces and specialist haircare.

With over 30 years-experience in cutting and maintaining wigs and hairpieces, Jason can give advice and help to anyone who is losing or has lost their hair for whatever reason.

To book a consultation please call the salon on 01753 857400 .

All of the team at Smith & Cullen are used to all different types and systems of adding hair and can give advice on maintaining, blow drying, cutting and styling hair extensions.

Holly and Tony love to work with partial extensions and added hair for hair-up and weddings. For ALL of our lengthening services Jason is your man.