Meet the Smith & Cullen family!

A talented creative team, we’re a fun bunch with a wealth of experience between us. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon and seeing to your hair’s every needs.

Jason Cullen-Smith


Jason started hairdressing at the tender age of 13, working on Saturdays and attending “model nights” whenever possible after school.  Things were very different back then when it came to young adults working!

Aged 17, Jason knew he was destined for great things and moved from Cambridge, managing to get himself a job in the world-renowned Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden, where continuing to learn his craft, he quickly blossomed, appearing on stage and tv and attending fashion shoots and appearing alongside Trevor Sorbie and the team at many shows and events, such as Salon International, The Clothes Show Live and Cosmopolitan.

This gave Jason the taste for education in hair and the international stage and show circuit. This led to teaching and seminar work full-time with Ricardo Rizzo of the Sanrizz Group at the academy.  Through this, Jason received the opportunity to live and work Japan.

Jason was particularly well received in Japan. What was first planned as a 6 month tour of Japan seminaring and running education courses, ended up as period of almost 3 years of life changing career development on every level. Jason educated extensively throughout Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Upon returning to London in the mid-90s, Jason joined the legendary Antenna salon in Kensington, as a senior stylist and quickly began to educate for the product side of Antenna; a company called Dome, who were the inventors of mono-fibre and the birthplace of hair extensions.

Jason says that the Antenna salon was one of the most creative and inspirational places he has ever experienced or witnessed anywhere in the world.

While working at Antenna, Jason he gained vast experience in every aspect of the hair industry from working with the celebrity clientele, to styling on many fashion shoots and music to working Oscar-nominated films and the award-winning television productions. Jason even appeared on several episodes of This Morning back in the days of Richard and Judy, while continuing to teach hairdressers at all levels, educating both on stage and in salons in the UK and internationally.

Jason then moved to Holland where he educated full time for Dome in Holland, Germany, Belgium and France). Hair-obsessed; Jason managed to work 2 days a week in salon too!

With the advent of the Millennium Jason needed a new direction and he choose iconic brand, Balmain. He was lucky enough to be asked to become artistic director for the launching team of Balmain Hair U.K.

As artistic director for Balmain, during the following decade, Jason ran a team of around 20 educators in the UK and all shows shoots and events. Jason was also European master trainer for Balmain, educating and appearing globally at all shows and trade events.

In 2005 both Jason and Tony moved to Windsor because of the proximity of 3 of London’s airports.

In 2008 Jason and Tony decided that they loved Windsor that much it would be there home forever, and they decided that it was about time they opened a salon.  Smith & Cullen opened on 1st August 2008.

Tony Cullen-Smith 


Tony started his career in 1995 with an apprenticeship at the award-winning David Aumonier salon in Belfast city-centre and quickly became David’s assistant. The salon was well-known on the educational and session hairdressing circuit which gave Tony a great grounding; developing his hair skills, working in a busy environment and working under pressure following a brief; whether seminar, show or a hair shoot with clear directive, both educational and editorial.

Moving on to Belfast’s most stylish of concept salons PI, Tony developed his skill set further, both in the avant-garde salon and on numerous photoshoots. As part of the Art-College Collective, Tony also enjoyed working with Paul Cadel, Joe McGivern and hairdresser-turned-music producer David Holmes.

In 1999 Tony moved to Alex Mekki, Belfast’s leading and only 5-star hair extension salon. Sam Mekki, the salon owner had worked in Antenna salon for many years, with Jason, before opening her Belfast salon.

This was where Tony met Jason in March 2000.

Both total hair-obsessives, Tony’s first date with Jason was spending the weekend in Brighton working on a 2-day step-by-step educational video shoot for hair extension product company, Prohair.

Tony moved to England in July 2000, where he joined Balmain UK as an educator, working as an artistic team member joining Jason educating hairdressers UK and Europe-wide, in salons, wholesalers and on the stage  and trade fair circuit, regularly travelling globally. Being totally work-obsessed Tony also managed to work part-time at The Harrington Group, and at Antenna, before joining Jason at Smith & Cullen in Windsor.

Holly Marriott


The first Smith & Cullen salon had only been open for 6 months when Holly Marriott joined the team. Holly came to finish her training and shadowed both Tony and Jason for her first year. Qualifying in 2010, Holly quickly built up a clientele as a junior stylist, progressing to stylist within 16 months; a process that usually takes 2 years.

Holly has amassed a wealth of experience over the last 11 years; from assisting Jason and Tony at many events, shows and shoots to becoming an integral part of the Smith & Cullen team.

Holly is an expert colour technician who is super buzzed-up about colour. If there’s a will there is a way with Holly…After all, she has tried and achieved every colour palate dream-able on her own hair.

Another area of speciality for Holly is hair-up. Whether it’s for a party, Christmas, your dream wedding or Ascot…if you can get an appointment… people book Ascot with Holly a year in advance!

In the salon Holly is a bright spark; always chatty and a joy to be around. She has built up a large, loyal and wide-ranging clientele.  Naturally empathetic, Holly cares deeply about her clients and making them look their absolute best. Holly can chat to anyone about anything whether it is hair-related or life, love and the universe!

Brooke Edwards

JUNior Stylist

We would like to say how proud we are of our amazing Brooke Edwards, new junior stylist at Smith & Cullen. Brooke was awarded apprentice of the year at East Berkshire College 2022/2023.

Attentive, caring and all round technically brilliant, Brooke is an absolute colouring and styling natural, Brooke simply has no right to be this good so early in her career!   Offering amazing colours, cuts and the best blow dries which will keep you looking salon fresh for days,  book Brooke and get senior stylist looks and finishes at junior stylist prices.

Charlotte Johnson

Senior Stylist

We are super happy to have the amazingly talented balayage master, Charlotte Johnson working as part of the Smith & Cullen team as a senior stylist. Bringing style to life with a dash of sass and a sprinkle of glamour, Charlotte has been working as a stylist for over 10 years and she is a specialist in cutting, colour, bridal services and hair-up. Charlotte is also fully trained in Olaplex treatments, certified in Balmain hair extensions and up to date with the latest colour trends.