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S&C Waterbottle

Water Bottle by Smith & Cullen



Size: 225mm x 75mm diameter

Refresh, reinvigorate and hydrate. Water is the perfect tonic though wine can be kept cool too!

Keep hot drinks hot for 8 hours and cold drinks cold for 12. Ideal for the gym, walks, the office or even working from home.


S&C Lifestyle Love:

Try infusing your water with a cocktail of your choosing for a refreshing twist and feel the benefit

Great for Hair and Skin: Honeydew Melon / Cantaloupe

High in Antioxidants: Blueberries, Strawberries and Watermelon

High in Vitamin C: Peaches and Oranges

Reduces Inflammation: Mint, Basil and Cucumber

S&C Flo Cup

Smart Flo Cup by Smith & Cullen



Size: 115mm x 89mm x 89mm - 340ml capacity

Your perfect drinking companion keeping, maybe, beer, rose, white wine and even bubbles at perfect sipping temperature.

Keep hot drinks hot for 3 hours and cold drinks cold for 9.


S&C Lifestyle Love:

Herbal teas and Infused water take little time but give maximum benefit to you during your day. Try to break the habit of 'pop' and coffee.

S&C Umbrellas

Umbrella by Smith & Cullen




Size: Diameter: 1070mm; Closed Length: 880mm; Weight: 430g

Stay warm and dry while your hair stays FABULOUS during our rainy days.

Protect from the sun and keep your skin wonderfully youthful

Our beautiful umbrellas are here!


S&C Lifestyle Love:

Drops of essential oils on your umbrella (be careful to place them where it won't stain) are reawakened in the rain, for a little sensual magic and to make the clouds less bruised.

S&C Cotton Bags

Shopping Bag by Smith & Cullen



Size: 420mm (wide) x 380mm (high) with long handles

Ditch plastic and upgrade to our stylish, washable cotton shopping bag.


S&C Lifestyle Love:

In this new world we need to update our essentials:

Masks, hand sanitiser, wipes and water bottle all need a lovely bag.

Smith & Cullen Weekend Session Bag

Weekend Session Bag by Smith & Cullen



Our fabulous and stylish Weekend Session Bag will carry all your needs for your sessions. If you're working out, or just out for the night, keep your world with you.


S&C Lifestyle Love:

Remembhttp://phore.st/C1n0Wer your essentials along with your session gear:

Masks, hand sanitiser, wipes and water bottle.

Smith & Cullen Mask

Mask by Smith & Cullen




Essential wear but stylish and washable


S&C Lifestyle Love:

Try a little essential oil on your mask to help your day. Eucalyptus to help you feel you can breathe more easily or Lavender to help calm those worries.